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This project's current goal is to explore the idea of porting Quake to Mozilla. I want to find out if there is interest from other developers in helping to do a port, and also to generally see if people think it would be "worth the effort". Here is what the end product of this project could look like:

Latest News - July 16, 2003

Quake 2 .NET has been released, and reading through the project details, they have done a LOT of the work that would be necessary to port Quake 2 to Mozilla. They have converted the C files to be C++ compatible, and this should go a long way towards getting this project going. Other design concepts could also be investigated to see how they might work in Mozilla.

What would the primary project/product goals be?

  1. Make a "native" Quake port to Mozilla by running on the NSPR and in XPCOM.
  2. Have everything installable using XPInstall.
  3. Achieve "playable" performance, preferably > 60 fps.

Why do this?

This would be an entirely different type of Mozilla application than all others. The idea of porting code for a game that is older than Mozilla itself would be interesting and challenging. Also, this type of software (a full blown 3-D game) running in Mozilla has not happened.

How did you think of this idea?

Wolfenstein 5k generally was the inspiration for starting this project. It's one of the coolest software projects I have ever seen.

How would this port be implemented?

I am not exactly sure how to answer this question fully. There are bits and pieces of stuff out there that can help this project out immensely. QuakeForge has done a lot to make the original Quake 1.0 code more portable, so that is the primary building block for this project.

Another big piece is implementing a new painting scheme in Mozilla to be able to draw the game display. There is a bug open on this issue, with a patch on hand. There were some cool examples (and a build with the patch) available, but those seem to have been lost for now.

Now what?

I'm not sure what my role in this project should be. Maybe I should put it up for adoption, or maybe I should take the helm and start coding. For right now I just need good feedback on this whole idea so I know what sort of energy I should put into this project.

If you think you have the experience to help on this project, which will mostly be C coding, then please send me an e-mail. Experience with NSPR, XPCOM, and/or gaming code would be most beneficial.

Other general comments can be posted here.

-- Eric Murphy

The mozquake project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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